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Nick Assef and Lincoln Crowne Do Their Best For Clients

June 18, 2019

Nick Assef is best known by clients and other investment firms worldwide as the founder and executive of Lincoln Crowne & Company, a firm he founded as a way to fulfill his vision as a business leader. Face it; when you look at the work Lincoln Crowne does for its clients, it is clear that Lincoln Crowne’s core principles reflect Nick Assef’s overall business philosophy, in which is promises to give every client who hires him with the best advice and counsel he can possibly give at every turn. That is why he and the team he has recruited are considered “tenacious” and innovative negotiators; they feel that is the best way to make the client happy and to get the client’s desired result.

Nick Assef still serves as Executive Director and Senior Analyst for Lincoln Crowne and, while they are all experts in the Australian and South East Asian markets, everyone at the firm has a copious level of both experience and skill all over the world and in a wide range of business areas other than M&A, including joint ventures, growth strategies, valuation, shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence.