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Lincoln Crowne & Company: Technical And Commercial Rigour

December 19, 2019

Lincoln Crown & Company is a company that consults with and advises corporate clients on how to provide their shareholders with more value over time. This means offering a consultative approach to building value for shareholders through the client’s strategic transaction. That includes background research, sound corporate advice, and financial modeling. This is the analytics part of the core service offerings that are proffered by Lincoln Crown & Company. They also offer access to high quality corporate strategy development. The clients who go to Lincoln Crowne & Company entrust the firm with work that requires considerable understanding of every engagement. They are proud that they bring a high level of technical and commercial rigour to every engagement as well. Developing and properly considering the concepts, strategies, commercial risks, and associated financial impacts are a key part of what makes Lincoln Crowne & Company so well respected.

Lincoln Crowne & Company also deals in mergers and acquisitions services. They have developed an impressive niche by working on complex engagements, even those most firms would find too challenging, in the emerging to middle market space. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with, and advising on, activist engagements. The company, founded in Sydney, Australia, by Nicholas Assef, now have operations in Hong Kong as well as affiliates in Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Boston, and Singapore.